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Explore topics and find creative solutions with psychodrama (scenic – systemic)

Psychodramatic Coaching

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Psychodramatic methods are sustainably effective in coaching. I have experienced this in many coaching sessions with my clients and in supervision with myself. The founder of psychodrama J.L. Moreno was a contemporary of Freud. He wanted to get people out of their passive role (away from the couch) and help them to become creators of their lives again. "Action is more healing than speech" is the motto in psychodrama. Try it out!

What do you dream of? In an individual setting or in a group, you can bring your topic onto the stage, present it scenically and thus gain a better overview. Unlike in classical role-playing, you do not play just any role, but visualise your concern, your (conflict) constellation, your wishes or vision. In the group, the other group members support you as representatives; in individual coaching, figures or symbols can help to clarify a situation. Psychodrama is lively, liberating and often a lot of fun.

Mittagschlaf auf Wiese
Psychodrama Kurse

Psychodrama Courses


(at the moment only in German)



Die Online-Bühne "Coaching"

Szenisch-systemisches Arbeiten an
6 Abenden, jeweils von 18 - 21 Uhr 

Ein Starttermin zum Schnuppern.
Danach 5
Folgetermine in der Gruppe: 29.01. + 05.02. + 19.02. + 26.02. + 04.03.24

24 USt.

(3 WE)

Bärbel Kress &
Mathias Hunger

Moreno Institut Edenkoben/Überlingen




48 USt.

(6 WE)

Kompaktcurriculum Coaching

Psychodramatisches Coaching -
Mehr als Reden!

3 Module (Fr/Sa):

Modul 1: 11.+12.10.2024

Modul 2: 31.01.+01.02.2025

Modul 3: 16.+17.05.2025


Sommerakademie Reichenau

Bärbel Kress &
Mathias Hunger,

Angela Christoph

Moreno Institut Edenkoben/Überlingen

Durchführung in Oberursel (Modul 1) und München (Modul 2+3)

Claudia Bracht, Reiner Guist, Cameron Paul, Christian Stadler, Dr. med. Stefan Woinoff, Dr. med. Birgit Zilch-Purucker

Moreno Institut


bis 28.09.2024

Weiterbildung Grundstufe Psychodrama Praktiker*in für Gruppenleitung und Beratung Online

456 USt.

Bärbel Kress, Christian Stadler, Claudia Bracht

Moreno Institut 



Psychodrama Online

Open Psychodrama Stage


(at the moment only in German)

If you want to get to know psychodrama and just try it out, come to the

Open Psychodrama Stage.

In this (group) format, open to all interested parties, you can ...


  • clarify what psychodrama actually is (if necessary)

  • learn about the benefits of the psychodrama method

  • experience exemplary psychodrama (preferably based on your own cases/topics)

There will be an Open Stage on the 11th of every month.

Verfügbare Termine
Psychodrama Literatur

Psychodrama Literature

If you want to learn more about psychodrama, here are some literature tips:

​Stadler, C. (2014). Psychodrama. München: Ernst Reinhardt

Stadler, C., & Kress, B. (2019). Praxishandbuch Aufstellungsarbeit. Wiesbaden: Springer

Stadler, C./Spitzer-Prochazka, S./Kern, E./Kress, B. (Hrsg.) (2020). Stay creative! Noch mehr effektive Tools für Beratung, Supervision, Coaching und Psychotherapie. Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta


Ameln, F. von, & Kramer, J. (2014). Psychodrama: Grundlagen. 3. Heidelberg: Springer

Ameln, F. von, & Kramer, J. (2014). Psychodrama: Praxis. Heidelberg: Springer

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